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quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011


Galeria de Brigid Marz (SaylaMarz)

Veja estes e outros trabalhos fotográficos de Brigid Marz em sua galeria no site Flickr.
Todos os Direitos Reservados - All Rights Reserved by Brigid Marz

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Day 334: Captive., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"The sun is master to the earth,
in turn, enslaves the moon.

But even captive, the moon commands the sea.

I believe in mermaids,
And the oceans are a world of their own."

Day 316: Brigid vs. God., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"I'm not a Christina, and I don't belive in God. This isn't a point of debate or question or concern for me. I believe in humanity, life, and a changing universe.

Occasionally, people treat me as if I have some epic problem with Christianity. I don't. To me, Christianity is popular mysticism, the widely accepted occult. I actually really enjoy spotting Biblical references in works of art. The Bible is a very large collection of words, and makes for a very rich allusion. To me, that can be beautiful."

Day 286: Zen in the Modern World., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"Today was my last day at my temp job. Until 4:30pm tomorrow, I am officially unemployed."

Day 222: City Beneath the Stars., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"While we were shooting this, some dude came running down into the park, saw me and yelled "Paaaarty!"

He's actually in one of my shots, a dark blurred streak because it was a long exposure.

Truly. Gotta love these boys. They may be the only guys in the world who can say "sure whatever" when I say "sit still while I run buck-wild between you" ."

Day 147: Just Another Naked Monday., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"Actually I have no idea whether this was a monday. I think it was a wednesday, but the title isn't the same that way.

This was pretty much my last night in the condo I've been staying at. So I figured it was my last chance to shoot a nudie photo on the couch.

I'm classy, I know."

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