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quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011


Galeria de Brigid Marz (SaylaMarz)

Veja estes e outros trabalhos fotográficos de Brigid Marz em sua galeria no site Flickr.
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Day 58: Rockstar in my own Realm., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"The secret that I learned about Anna is that she is a really fucking amazing guitarist.

We are going to start a band.

I have wanted to do it forever. I can sing, I write great lyrics and melodies, I have a bass, and I play violin. Anna plays guitar and keyboard, and needs to learn to play accordion, because just the idea of her and an accordion gives me a happy.

And then we're going to have the best band ever."

The Woods., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"Just my violin and I."

And here comes emptiness...., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

Day 329: Revenge of the Fallen., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"My whole family is in town for my uncle's (delayed) funeral. So all the ladies went out to hot tub, and nudity was had, from my self to my 80-year-old aunt, as we're all family, and no one had swimsuits.

I came back inside and my aunt took the shower, and my clothes were locked in with her, so I was chilling, enjoying towel time, with my laptop. And then suddenly my sister was getting on me for being in a towel, and my mother chimed in, saying it made her uncomfortable - even though I always sit in my towel after the hot tub and it's never upset her before.

I said it was just like a dress, but they said it wasn't. To be honest, I have dresses far skimpier than my towel. I wear just as much underneath.

Fuck that. You just hung out with me buck-o, and suddenly you're afraid of a towel?

So I waited for them all to go to sleep. And then I ran rampage through the house, with all the blinds up"

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