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quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011


Galeria de Brigid Marz (SaylaMarz)

Veja estes e outros trabalhos fotográficos de Brigid Marz em sua galeria no site Flickr.
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Day 65: Olympia., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"I've always loved Manet's Olympia. She's so gorgeous!"

Day 66: The Blonde Bather., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"Renoir's The Blonde Bather was love at first sight. I saw it in person, in a museum. I wanted to buy a print, but it's not a popular enough piece to sell."

Day 68: Venus in Striped Socks., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"First came the gods, then came men.

Men brought with them the artists, and the artists invented nudity, much to the bewilderment of the fully clothed heathens.
I will live my life in their absence. And I will die without them.
But the socks will live on.

(Inspired by SadandBeautiful's self as art series, I'm doing a series of me as paintings. Go check out her pieces as well!)

The infamous striped socks are now available as a calendar! $7.50 of your purchase to be donated to UNICEF."

Veja informações completas na página desta fotografia no site Flickr."

Day 103: Multi-tasking., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"My taxes were extra complicated this year with investments, moves, multiple jobs, educational loans, and a negative year-end balance. I was a bit worried that they would be three times as complicated…so I stuffed myself in the microwave and set it to three minutes….so I could be three times as sharp.

Only rather than making myself smarter, I managed to make a small army of tiny Brigids. Of course the clones ran around having fun, watching TV and clipping their toenails and taking a hot tub, and left the hard thinkerie to me.

I always knew I had a twelve track mind….but really? Having all twelve Brigids running a rampage? Not at all conducive to tax doing.

I did my tax papers completely wrong the first time through…..and then when I thought I was making progress the second time in, I had to stop to have an orgy.

I didn’t finish until after 2am!!"

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