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quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011


Galeria de Brigid Marz (SaylaMarz)

Veja estes e outros trabalhos fotográficos de Brigid Marz em sua galeria no site Flickr.
Todos os Direitos Reservados - All Rights Reserved by Brigid Marz

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Ela por ela mesma - About Brigid Marz (SaylaMarz), she say:

"I’m pretty vibrantly alternative, so if you like interesting people, you’ll probably like me. And if you’re afraid of the unusual, I’ll probably make you uncomfortable."

Ela é - She is:
  • Writer and Composer
  • Violinist
  • Photographer
  • Nudist
  • "Vegan, Cannibalistic Lesbian"
Blog: saylamarz
Twitter: saylaMarz
Videos: saylaMarz
More info: modelmayhem

Time for Change., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"I feel so much more me when I'm not blonde."

Day 262: And Yet the Caged Bird Sings., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"These guys woke me up. They don't like it when I ignore them.

It was so nice out that I brought them into the living room and propped them by the open window for some fresh air.

This photo was sooo hard to take. Seriously you would not imagine how well they manage to block their eyes with the cage bars. I finally resorted to whistling. I whistle with my tongue against the roof of my mouth....So this is how I look when I'm whistling."

4-Dimensional Girls., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

Day 180: Wash Yourself Away., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"Anna and I stopped in Sacramento on the way home so she could visit someone she knows. I ended up hanging out along in a 106-degree park for several hours. I was tired, had a lot on my mind, and then an ex sent me an ill-timed apology... I ended up crying on a park bench with a book over my face.

My aunt and uncle live off I-5, so we stopped in at their house and surprised them with our company. They cooked us dinner and just about threw us in the pool.

"You can swim naked...." my uncle said.

A moment later there was a splash in the pool and a flurry of clothing fluttering in the air."

Day 248: Momentary Freedom., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"That marshy ground that I'm traipsing through? Actual literal marsh. My shoes got soaked!

You can't tell because I shot this at a high exposure, but I actually had about 2 minutes to shoot this before the light died entirely.

Elaine, Matt and I drove out to Smith Rock to camp and climb. We got in just as the sun had set. I told them they had to wait for me to shoot a nudie picture before we could set up camp!

This is definitely a shot where I am sad to not be able to edit this. One level of exposure truly does not do this justice! It's also an image where I would definitely have picked a different shot if I were editing it. But this one is the one that is best leveled as I shot it."

Ride the Rainbow., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"Anna and I at Pride Parade.

Don't forget to check the rest of my stream - I've uploaded a few more with Anna, Xelia, Crystal, and Stephanie.

More to come!"

Day 267: Nothing to See., upload feito originalmente por SaylaMarz.

"At Gus Van Sant's house."

Dance With Me

Video publicado por SaylaMarz no site Youtube em 3 de abril de 2010

Texto de divulgação: "I had to cut this down to 90 seconds for it's redundant posting, but I figured I might as well cross post.
The music is Uh Huh Her - Dance With Me."

The Hourglass

Video publicado por SaylaMarz no site Youtube em 21 de julho de 2009

Texto de divulgação: "So my webcam has issues with audio clipping....I had to down it down a bit to try to stay beneath the buzz.
I really wish I had a guitar right now. I used to be a better songwriter. I have major writers block lately.....a guitar would definitely distract you from that. Right?"

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